The #MVM is a modified version of the classic View-Master toy. The user can choose between several reels with 7 images of the city. Of course the #MVM allows you to see the  images, just like a normal View-Master. But: it also helps you locate the scenes where the pictures were taken. Thanks to a GPS and compass, the device knows where these locations are. This information is translated into the brightness of the image: if you are heading the wrong way, the image will be very dark, but if you’re on the right track, then the picture will appear clear and bright.


The idea was to make a self-contained object (no smartphone dependency) that people can use to explore a city they are not familiar with. Although Google Maps is very convenient, there is also an experience that gets lost when you walk around the streets looking at the screen of your smart phone. We lose a lot of the details that make up the texture of a city: building facades, tiny shops selling curious things, people. #MVM will only tell you in which direction to go, but not which road to take. This is intentional: the idea is to give the user a helping hand in an unfamiliar city, but at the same time we want to leave room for the joy of discovering the unexpected.


project together with Bert Balcaen and  Furqan Habib.