r2d2 cousin

Interface for transmitting tones as a code. In the background of the video you can hear street noise to which interface reacts. It detects only the lowest range of frequencies (0-80 hz). Three bars determines volume level (dB). Each bar takes 24 random tones and plays it depending on the noise level. The white bar shows the whole range of incoming noise levels. This is part of final project development related with invisible city sounds.

Invisible sounds are part of the nature. It exist in our environment thus influencing human health and behaviors. But since human audible range is not capable to detect them, the issue is not sufficiently brought up. Proposed solution is to create and implement public tool that allows precept low frequency noise. Technology applied to urban context expands perceptual audible limits of urban sonic environment. At the same time it generates an experience that provides information about noise state in specific area. The project is focused on interest in experimenting technologies that are capable to analyze, transform and harmonize incoming sounds. All project documentation is here.