Water Moods

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What fascinates me the most is water’s feature of infinite transformation. Clouds, ice, rain, snow, fog,  frost, foam. It can fly, sink, float, vapor, sparkle, swirl. Be soft, liquid, hard, solid, fractured, transparent, mat, specular. it has millions of shapes and comes from the one ocean. Idea of cube is ability to travel the ocean and see how water changes in various locations. It transforms on the basis of temperature, wind and pressure data received from different places of the world. Changing micro-climate  inside glass cube transforms water. Position changes by rotating and lifting cube.

The aim of Alejandro Tamayo white box workshop was to study the relationship between nature and technology, exploring the creation of technology from a sensitive point of view. White cube was selected as a technology that brings to everyday life what is found magical, poetic or deeply inspiring in nature.