Addiction centre and social housing for homeless

Academic Project

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Evaluation: excellent
Tutors: A.Ambrasas, L.Naujokaitis

WGS 54.668113, 25.274863

Situation: Area in New Town, Vilnius, close to the train station. The site posess neglected church.

Task: Design of social housing for homeless in complex urban area.

Result: Buildings on the site are shaped like a respectable background for a church, cemetery and historical environment. New concrete buildings highlight existing ones, their original texture and colour. The building consists of different functions in separated levels. Homeless housing is enclosed, private area with separate apartments and big garden that is taken care of by the residents. Addiction centre has separate entrance and is easily accessible from the street side. Wards are placed in a historic building. The courtyard is connected with a dining room and is a cosy space in summertime.


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