Curonian Spit Architectural stops. Workshop establishment

Workshop establishment

With Architect Algimantas Zaviša
Charity and Support Foundation
Partly funded by Lithuanian Council for Culture
Published by,,
ziniuradijas,, centras magazine. 
Presented as inspiring project on SIKON (students idea competition)

Situation: Workshop in Curonian Spit, Lithuania.

Task: Idea of the workshop is to create excellent examples of contemporary architecture in Curonian Spit – unique area protected by UNESCO. Lack of collaboration between different authorities leads to politics of prohibition instead of creative. Architects start collaborating from the very begining with municipality, scientists, cultural heritage, environmentalists to create the concepts of bus stops designs. Pilot projects reflect unique spirit of the place in contemporary way.

Responsibilities: Development, implementation and organization through all stages of the workshop. Design solutions, documentation.

Result: Five architect groups presented diverse proposals with strong analytic ground. All the process was documented and published in the blog, presented during annual event in Nida and reviewed by scientists with historical, architectural, art criticism background.