Klaipeda Architecture exhibition and series of events

Exhibition dedicated to the most recent works of architecture in Klaipėda. Built around the main hanging dominant – the cube – which served as a connection point for exposition mediums and as a basis for multi-dimensional visual installations. The form clarity was kept throughout exposition – more cubes were a support for presented projects, drawings and photographs. Stands with particular layouts of site plans were as a basis for augmented reality try-outs with tablets, presenting the 3D view of exhibited objects.

Series of postcards were made for in-home use. Nostalgic and intimate experience, but yet very intuitive, was a wonderful way to present and share some of the best and most important works of colleagues, architects and friends here in Klaipeda.

You can find augmented reality app and postcards here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=lt.nestebuklas.arar

here you can find the app and the postcards.

Screenshot_2014-05-29-18-53-58 Screenshot_2014-05-30-00-21-33

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