with no walls


It’s so good to find answers to questions which were plaguing for a really long time. I don’t exactly know why I constantly come back to home topic. Not long time ago I had to prepare short presentation about myself. As a base for personal story I’ve picked journey from (or to) home. Surprisingly it was great self-analysis and answer to several questions. The story began from very direct perception that home is related with immutable physical place. But surprisingly after several years of the world cognition coming back to the place I’ve always considered home seemed alien. And the first big answer why is probably home isn’t walls, it is experiences. For a long time acquainted experiences and people were linked with physical place. But as my Swedish housemate said, once you’ve started to live internationally, there’s no way back. I adore meeting new people, changing and learning. The second great answer found is why. Well it is quite poetic and naive excuse, but maybe it’s in sand.  Micro-particles very easily shaped by wind form stable dunes. It was the ground I grew up and love the most from my home land. But I miss my great love Asia. Hope to come back there one day. Cha! :)