Gandhi park app

gandhi park

mobile application dedicated for city walkers

Principal elements of the app concept:
– controlled form of getting lost
– balance between exploring by yourself and actually arriving at your destination
– tactile interface instead of visual
– look around instead of look down
– learn to orient by yourself and get a little help when you need (some form of reassurance)

How does the app work?
1. take out phone
2. launch the app
3. select destination. Closest park – when I would press this it would take to the nearest park. Random place – could be taken from a list of interesting places (monuments,  interesting buildings, …) It could be linked to some preferences, data from the smart other platforms, or friends suggestions. Home & work – convenient, for example after you had a drink on a Friday night. Map function where you could search for addresses, but it is the last on purpose because that’s not the main goal of the app. These buttons could be customized in the settings screen.
4.screen goes black
5. put phone in pocket. I can start my walk to the nearest park. If need help i tap my phone. Vibration helps to find the right orientation. If I’m heading the right way, the phone will vibrate for a brief moment to – indicate that I’m on the right track. Suppose I’m going the wrong way, then it’s easy to find which way I have – to go: I just need to turn around, and the vibrations will help me to find the right direction.

Here you can find full documentation

project made together with Bert & Furqan

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