children rehabilitation center


M.Arch thesis

Vilnius Gediminas Technical University
Tutor S.Pamerneckis

WGS 55.765702, 21.089873

Situation: The rehabilitation centre located in a former children‘s sanatorium area in Giruliai (health resort village).

Task: To create a centre which could aid healing process by using space, light and landscape. Integrate new architecture with respect to the main characteristics and features of the site.

Result: The new building has 3 main functions: day centre, therapy and in-patient block. The first floor plan was created as an open space with minimal function separation. It lends itself to anticipate the building‘s structure and helps to orientate. Contrary to erupted cubes which create a different emotional mood works as therapy and helps control patients. Cubes are “politely” receded from the historical buildings which allow visual connections to be created amongst them. The architectural expression is a hint to the typical Giruliai architecture – small scale, compact wooden buildings.


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