deaf drops

Deaf-drops Is social consciousness project based on perceiving information about invisible urban noise. Sensors installed in public spaces read and convert low frequency waves into legible manner.  Small devices are installed in Poblenou neighburhood’s chimneys and broadcast converted sounds for citizens. It aims to awake curiosity of not obvious ambient layers which affect us.  The idea is borrowed from ‘dead-drops’: espionage method to pass information using secret locations.


the prototype

The deaf drop’s device consists of geophone sensor that can be placed in the ground for sensing vibrations produced by low frequency sounds. When the sensor is placed in the ground, sounds vibrate the geophone creating acoustic pressure waves which travel up the software to the listener’s ears. The sensor detects low frequency sounds, while MaxMSP software transmit it to higher frequencies. Broadcasting sounds may be received by using application or radio with a limited distance from the station. It makes stations local and dedicated only for neighborhood inhabitants.